Q1. How can I download the RAISE dataset?
You can dowload the entire dataset, or a subset of it, with the associated metadata, from the homepage of the RAISE dataset. For example, if you select RAISE-1k, you will have download 1000 images in the RAISE-1k set.
If you would like to download a specific set of images, tagged into one of 7 categories, please go to the “download" tab and proceed with your selection. At the bottom of the page you will be redirected to the dowload page where you will be asked to fill a form before submission.
Q2. What are the metadata?
The metadata are accompanying information relative to the image and the camera which took it. All information is stored in a single comma-separated value (.csv) format file.
Below is an example of some fields in the .csv file:
File File Size Image Size Image Quality Device Focal Length Aperture Shutter Speed
r000da54ft 9.79 MB L (4288 x 2848) Compressed RAW (12-bit) Nikon D90 18mm f/5 1/640s
r001d260dt 20.0 MB L (4928 x 3264) Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit) Nikon D7000 24mm f/5 1/250s
r002fc3e2t 21.5 MB L (4928 x 3264) Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit) Nikon D7000 18mm f/4 1/3200s
r00444b95t 19.8 MB L (4928 x 3264) Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit) Nikon D7000 18mm f/5.6 1/100s
r005f3e70t 10.6 MB L (4288 x 2848) Compressed RAW (12-bit) Nikon D90 18mm f/6.3 1/15s
Q3. Where should I get the list of the images?
In the .csv file, there are two columns, namely ‘NEF’ and ‘TIFF’, listing all the downloadable NEF and TIF images, respectively. Once the desired format has been chosen, just select the corresponding column and export/save to a text file (for Mac users, we suggest to use the Windows-formatted text format).
For example, you will see a value like in the NEF column, it is the URL to the NEF version of the image 'r000da54ft'.
Q4. Which tool should I use to download?
According to your operating system, we recommend one of the following tools:
Windows: Wget for Windows or JDownloader
Linux: Wget or JDownloader
Mac OS: Wget via Mac Ports or JDownloader

Syntax of Wget:
wget -i [the-text-file]
Q5. Which papers should I cite if I use RAISE?
The RAISE dataset is to be used for non-commercial research and educational purposes. In all documents and papers that report experimental results based on RAISE, a reference to this paper should be included:
  • Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Cecilia Pasquini, Valentina Conotter, Giulia Boato, RAISE – A Raw Images Dataset for Digital Image Forensics, ACM Multimedia Systems, Portland, Oregon, March 18-20, 2015.